London: Weekend Getaway

Thanks to the Eurostar, London is only a 2 hour train ride away from Paris, making it an ideal weekend getaway. I left from work at 6:30 and caught the train leaving Paris Gare du Nord at 8:13pm to London. Knowing my time in the UK was limited to less than a mere 36 hours I wanted to take advantage of everything. Haley and I checked into our Airbnb and quickly headed out to enjoy our first night. Our weekend was full of cocktail bars, food, thrifting and walking around. If it’s your first time going to London, a weekend is not long enough to see all the amazing things this city has to offer. London is very spread out in comparison to Paris and planning ahead is important. Aside from the tourist attractions, my top tips for London include:

1.MAKE RESERVATIONS: minimum one month in advance

This was very surprising but brunches were booked and dinners too. We wanted to have tea at Sketch but it was booked for months in advance.. so just a heads up… Start making reservations as soon as you book your tickets!


2. Brick Lane

Amazing shopping and vintage markets, definitely a cool area. We had brunch at Blixen which was amazing and I highly recommend. If you’re reserving in advance request to be seated in the garden!


3. Camden Market

Another great spot for shopping and vintage clothes. Camden has its own unique energy and is definitely worth a visit. It’s probably most famous for the area Amy Winehouse would go out in and perform in.

4. Public Transportation and Oyster cards

You need an Oyster card for the bus and underground. They do not sell them on buses so you must buy one before hand (most corner shops sell them). The card itself is 5 £  and depending on how often you plan to use it put on money. I would recommend 5-10£.

5. Museums and Galleries

London has great museums and galleries so it is definitely worth while to check out what is going on before showing up. Research the current exhibits and galleries to ensure a fulfilling trip.


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